Woman, Create is an art studio founded and run by Marika Callangan that focuses in art-making, design, independent publication and events, and advocacy for intersectional feminism (or ‘everyday’ feminism) for Filipinos.

I was chosen as one of the five Creative interns for the batch of Summer 2018.

365 Wonders Creative Planner


The main project for us interns was the 2019 iteration of 365 Wonders, a creative planner that aimed to spark feminist consciousness through Filipino art. Copies of this planner were sold nationwide, and a portion of its proceeds were donated to Young Focus, a non-profit organization that works to bring education to kids and families in Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila.

Aside from all working on the “Diversity” cover (see first cover, bottom-left for my contribution), each of us contributed two monthly cover art pieces that were based on feminist themes.

I was tasked to work on these two themes: “Feminism: Where We Stand” for the month of January, and “Power” for the month of October.


"She Stands" (left), "Are You Asking for This?" (right)

She Stands

Month: January | Theme: “Feminism: Where We Stand”

In a patriarchal narrative, gender roles are strictly defined — with man, being the breadwinners and women, only caretakers. Because we raise girls with this construct, girls struggle with the notions of leadership. This is a reminder that leadership is not gender-based, but an intrinsic, human-based characteristic.

Inspiration is derived from girls who strive to succeed in a world designed to be against them. Pastel colors play an element of feminity for girls who do not need to embody constructs of masculinity in order to exude power. A scout and a soldier was shown in the belief that both can embody girl power. The background illustrates an ideal world: one of solidarity.

Are You Asking for This?

Month: October | Theme: “Power”

To this day, women globally continue to live daily in a constant state of fear. Violence and harassment against women knows no logic, shape, or form. Studies by feminist scholars have often examined the effects on women living in fear, which may range from extra protection measures, establishing precautional routines, conformity to standardized rules. Overall, these effects reflect the powerless of women in the face of patriarchal violence.

This piece is an alternative of that powerlessness. Comically drawn that exudes inspiration from superhero graphic novels, this illustrates a girl who is no longer a reflection of these effects. Cornered in an alley, she wants to fight back. Unsheathing her sword, she is ready for the attack


Contributor artworks were also shown in EDITION: FEMINISM, a month-long contemporary exhibit that idealizes a feminist revolution that considers the Filipino people.

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