Youthhack Manila

Youthhack Manila is the NCR chapter of Youthhack, a nonprofit organization that helps students learn more about startups, technology and entrepreneurship.

Startup Challenge

Startup Challenge is an annual two-day event with the goal of bringing students into the exciting world of startups and technopreneurship. Youthhack Manila partners with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to execute this event.

As the Marketing Core - Design member assigned to this event, I directed its visual identity and made collateral.



For 2018, the theme of the event was “Think Global, Act Global”. In line with this, I took inspiration from colorful vintage Filipino advertisements. I wanted to convey this look in the event’s identity with a modern, technological twist.



The main colors used were teal and yellow, along with their shades. These colors were also paired with neutrals (e.g. white, beige, brown) in making collaterals.


Based on the theme, the logo is a person on a location pin. The person’s head is a globe icon, with its body containing a heart. The icon without the logotype can only be used in Startup Challenge pubmats made by Youthhack Manila; external organizations must use the full logo.


Terrible prototypes :(



Main poster (left), DP template (top right), teaser (bottom right)


Cover photo (top), sample countdown pubmat (middle left), call for volunteers (middle right), letterhead (bottom)

Aside from the typical collateral for marketing an event, Startup Challenge also shared educational pubmats on startups and technopreneurship.



After the event, all of the participants’ proposals were collated and visualized in a PDF titled “Idea Book”. This was then presented to representatives from DICT.



2018 is Startup Challenge’s most successful year yet, compared to previous years. Key success metrics include:

  • 36.5k reach (Facebook)
  • 580+ people interested + going (350+ for 2017, 180+ for 2016)
  • 258 applicants


  • Bianca Bravo: Project Head (thank you for all the direction!)
  • Frances Roberto & Chia Amisola: Marketing Core - Design members (thank you for helping me finish everything!)