Lucent (previously named Luna) is an annual creativity fair that aims to promote mental health awareness through art, workshops, talks, and performances. As the Creatives Head, I was responsible for designing of the event’s identity and collateral + managing a team of ~5 creatives.


A common thread I noticed in the stories of the mentally ill is that sadness is experienced as “a dark place”. As a response to this, I decided to base the fair’s theme on light. This can convey multiple positive meanings, like hope and warmth.



The fair’s palette consists of muted primary colors. Beige is the neutral used along with this.


The fair’s logo is an eye with a sun as its pupil. It represents both hope and awareness. To give the fair’s identity a “human” look, I decided to draw both the icon and logotype by hand. This was done through Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.


Logotype sketches (left), approved sketch (right)

Credits to Gabrielle Larin for the logotype ideation.



Final poster


Logo profile (top left), sample DP (top right), cover photo (middle), sample workshop (bottom)


Compared to last year, Lucent Fair 2018 was a success. Key success metrics include the following:

  • 150-200 participants (last year only had ~50)
  • 3k+ reach (Facebook)
  • ~120k pesos in donations


  • Mira Arguelles: Project Head (thank you for all your direction!)
  • Tracey Dela Cruz, Natalia Aguilar, Gabrielle Larin, Kriztin Cruz, Kitkat Barreiro: Lucent Creatives (thank you for all your help!)