Developh is an global student-led non-profit that invests in youth-led innovation for social good in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific.



Developh initially started out as a game development school club known as Developers’ Society. As it grew in number, its scope expanded as well, covering technology in general (e.g. product, design, engineering). To reflect this change, the organization decided to rebrand itself as Developh. Read more about its development here.

While building the organization’s new website, the founder requested me to create illustrations that would capture Developh’s main initiatives: community, education, and innovation.


In order to make the illustrations fit with the rest of the website, I had to comply to the organization’s brand guidelines (also written by me).



Depicted by four hands holding each other, with a microchip at the center. This reflects how all the organization’s memberrs and partners are brought together by a passion for technology.


Depicted by a plug releasing energy inside a human head. This reflects the organization’s goal to enlighten and empower youth through educational projects (e.g. workshops, newsletter).


Depicted by the fusion of a lightbulb and a globe. This reflects the organization’s ventures’ focus on social good.


The illustrations being used in previous iteration of Developh's website